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Default 1964 Travelall Oil

Have a stock v8 in my Travelall.
I use valvoline straight 30wt.

Recently I have noticed the oil pressure gauge registering on the lower side ... Well lower than it used to register.

Should I switch to a thicker viscosity?
What flavor oil do you all like to recommend?
Might be my gauge, but I suspect it isn't.

Matt & Jennifer Allyn
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Default Re: 1964 Travelall Oil

I first recommend connecting at least on a temporary basis, a reliable wet gauge that will give you some numerical reference for establishing a pressure base line for your engine both hot and cold. Your stock gauges are 50 years old and not to be trusted blindly.
How long has it been since your last lof? Does this employ a canister filter or a more modern spin-on design? If its the latter, what brand are you using?
Straight 30wt oil was the standard for these engines back in the day. Multi-viscosity motor oils offer many advancements in lubrication technology over old tech single vis. 20w-50 is about the closest thing in a multi-vis to straight 30wt. The 50 in 20w-50 does not mean that it is 50wt oil, despite what some might incorrectly claim. There is no need to go any heavier than 30wt or 20w-50 in these engines. At best that would only temporarily mask a larger issue if there even is one.
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Default Re: 1964 Travelall Oil

Hi Matt

once you have determined that you do not have a problem with your oil sending unit (they do fail without warning, as mine did last month on a 9 year old vehicle), the next thing to consider could possibly be the length of time on the oil you have in the engine since the last oil change, the ambient temperature, and possibly fuel dilution....fuel dilution is very common in carbureted engines and can usually be seen on the dipstick by sight and/or smell, or a noticeable increase in the oil level on the stick.

Scoutboy's response about the sending unit and the oil viscosity covers a good part of what should be researched, with keeping in mind two things: the 30wt oil which was recommended back when the unit was new was the best there was at the time. Since then, multi-weight oils, such as 15w40 or even 20w50 (as he suggested) are the best to use now as they will give more protection over a wider temperature range. With you living in long beach, CA, either one of those weights would be many times better than the straight 30 weight you are using. Secondly; there was a major change in oil additives in all pcmo applications, namely the lowering of the zddp in the oil as mandated by the epa in 2007. It would be best if you would go to an oil which is rated "sl" instead of "sm or sn" as the newer sm, sn rated oils are not good for flat tappet cam engines.

The sl rated oils are harder to come by, but the "swepco" brand, which is used by many for high quality, and more protection, than even the other sl rated oils. It is the choice of IHPA, and is available through their "lubricants" section.

Some people also use what is commonly referred to as "diesel oil" which will carry the cj-4 rating...it will only have a limit of
<1200> ppm of zddp, whereas the swepco 306 (sl) in the 15w40 as well as the 20w50 contains <1700ppm>

in reviewing your "fleet" of vehicles, you might also consider using an sl rated oil in all of them, except for the tesla.

Hope that helps!
Swepco Oil Sales Representative
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