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Default Rebuild?

Hello all this is my first of likely many posts. I decided to restore my first car and picked a scout. It will be the daily driver of my 16 year old who just turned 15. Itís a 73 scout 2 and not trying to make it a 4X4 beast or an original just a cool truck to drive around town. The truck which was not running when I bought it is now stripped down to the frame. I decided to do that because as the body is in great shape no rust or anything the floors are almost completely rusted out. I am not an experienced car guy but having fun learning and with the process.

Now for the questions:

I purchased a rock country 2.5 in lift kit. I know its not the best but should do the trick. I went with 2.5 as I was hoping not to lift it two high to have to deal with modifying the steering and such. Any tips of things I will need to deal with other than break lines?

Axelís Ė I had not pre planned on how expensive it is to rebuild the axels Ė (quotes of 1-1.5K per) Since I have the truck broken down should I rebuild them? Should I just try to replace the fluid and seals? The car has always been a CA car and didnít look like it was driven very hard but I have no way to know.
1. So what should I do?
2. If I just replace the seals how hard is that?


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Default Re: Rebuild?

Welcome to the addiction!!

I'm not as experienced as most of the folks on here, but I have been in your spot quite a few times and it is a difficult decision to make as you don't want to throw money into something that doesn't need it right now when you have other things to worry about.

First of all, I would definitely remove the diff covers and check the condition of the gears, bearings, etc and record your gear ratios... check to see if you have posi traction carriers, etc. If you don't see a pile of broken gear teeth, then you can probably rest easy knowing you can hold off on doing any further repairs/upgrades on the axles until it is back on the road.

If the differentials are a mess inside or you see damage... then you will have to either find good used replacements or spend the money to get those rebuilt. The good thing is you can also change your ratio at the same time so if you are planning to use bigger tires in the future you can match the gear ratio to compensate for the tires.

Once you have assessed the condition, you can at least make an informed decision... and having fresh lube in there is good peace of mind too. Good luck!!
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Default Re: Rebuild?

A warning! Scouts are addictive as mentioned. I too have just returned to Scout ownership after owning a 1963 Scout 80 from 81-83. Missed it so much I recently picked up a 1963 Scout 80 and I am just starting off on the rebuild. Good luck and enjoy the ride.
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Default Re: Rebuild?

For a 2.5" lift, longer brake lines will probably not be required. If it tends to wander, you might consider installing some 2 degree caster shims up front when you install the lift. The hardest part will probably be getting the old bushings out of the spring perches (where the top shackle bolts go through). Also inspect the rear spring perches for the front springs where they are welded to the frame rails, often need to do some welding there do to cracks. Good luck and have fun with it. I consider it more an affliction than an addiction, and watch out, they tend to multiply on you if your not careful.
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(Don't worry about getting arrested when I drive the Scouts).

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Default Re: Rebuild?

Thanks guys for the information and ya I understand the multiply point. I was looking for a parts rig and when I found one the guy had two. So i bought them both. One for parts and another to sit and wait until I get to it

So just over 3 weeks in and they multiplied.

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Default Re: Rebuild?

hey bwilson60
you probably want longer brake lines especially the rear
i ran a 2.5 inch lift for 20 years and that rear line is very tight.

as the fellas have said check those spring perch welds my scout had a bad habit of breaking them off the frame a decent 4X4 shop can reinforce them. that solved that problem for me.

on those axles dont forget from wheel bearings its easy and a good father and son weekend project.

while you get er stripped down what kind of ignition do you have ? be a good time to change to an electronic ignition

IH Parts America and this form is an endless supply of knowledge, experience and parts. pick up that telephone and get to know them

have fun with your rebuild remember its not a race its a journey. expect the un expected. and when its all done chicks are going to dig it !!

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Greg R
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Default Re: Rebuild?

should I rebuild them? Should I just try to replace the fluid and seals? The car has always been a CA car and didnít look like it was driven very hard but I have no way to know.
My golden rule is if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I rebuilt my rear because the limited slip needed new clutch plates. The front while a bit worn was still fine. New seals and fluids are always helpful and were part of the maintenance in the day. If you have good operation, no noises; no problem.
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