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Exclamation March on Sacramento

get involved if you can.

This is being sent to you because you have voiced your opinion in the past regarding the need to keep trails open or to stop inappropriate wilderness designations. In many cases your voice along with millions of others have been and continue to be ignored by legislators regarding their increasing over reaching government contol. Most people can agree we need less government, not more, but politicians ignore us. It is time to turn up the heat to change that! Here is an opportunity for you.
Come join the largest tea party in history August 28, 2009 - noon - 5 p.m. Capitol building sacramento
help save California 's economy from its own government in California 's vast and fertile central valley, the federal government has shut off the water to farmers. Fields lie fallow, and once thriving orchards are dry and dead. After generations on the land, families are losing their farms. In some areas unemployment exceeds 40%. All this to protect a "minnow." generations of human effort and dreams destroyed, we become more and more reliant on imported food, and prices rise for all of us. The government is putting fish before families. This insanity must end.

In the mountains, family owned timber operations, working and managing our forests for generations, are being forced into bankruptcy by the state. The government has made their equipment illegal, and regulations are so onerous that it now costs 30% more to bring a standard 2x4 to market in California than it does in oregon or washington . Even the large timber companies struggle to survive. In a state Rich with timber resources, we import the vast majority of our building materials from other states, because the cost of local production is simply too high due to severe over regulation. The timber industry is literally being driven out of business by the politicians and bureaucrats in sacramento .

Industries from mining to construction, transportation to ranching, and farming to concrete are suffering under impossible burdens placed by unaccountable bureaucrats and arrogant politicians intent on the complete destruction of California 's once world class economy. When politicians in washington dc decide that minnows are more important that the lives of California farmers, something is terribly wrong. When bureaucrats in sacramento regulate the California timber industry to the brink of extinction, without concern for the families, towns and entire regions they are devastating, something is terribly wrong.

Yes, something is terribly wrong. Our politicians and their appointed cronies are strangling this great state. Businesses are leaving California in an unprecedented exodus of capital and talent. Productive citizens and their businesses are fleeing to places like texas and Nevada , which tout more business friendly policies, less regulation and lower taxes. Meanwhile, California 's unemployment rate skyrockets, our cost of living increases, and our politicians respond by passing even more stringent legislation and higher taxes...even when we vote against it!

The laws May be different for each industry. The regulations May vary, but they are all symptoms of the same disease. We are all being crushed by burdensome regulations and taxes imposed by politicians who care more for causes and political gamesmanship, than people. This is our battle; all productive people belong in this fight. When the loggers suffer, that is the farmer's battle too. When the farmer's have no water, and food prices rise, that is everyone's problem. For too long the politicians have divided us, and used our division to keep us down. But we will be held down no longer. But the game is up. Now we understand what they are doing, and we see where it leads. We are the productive americans, and we will stand together, shoulder to shoulder, ready to face the politicians who stand in the way of our productivity.

The time for change is now. We simply aren't going to take it anymore.

On August 28, 2009, in true tea party patriots tradition, we will bring together people and groups who have never come together before. Farmers, ranchers, miners, loggers, trucking companies, cement makers, builders...productive, hard working people from all political parties, social affiliations and industries will descend on the state capitol in sacramento. In association with organizations who are leading the fight against onerous taxes in California , groups dedicated to the preservation of farming in California 's central valley, rancher's organizations, business and industry associations, we will bring thousands of California 's hard working, productive citizens to the capitol, to tell the legislators in sacramento and dc to back off. It's a simple message; leave us alone. We're tired of your intrusion into our lives and your ever expanding greed for the fruits of our labors. It's time for real change. You can change, or we'll get rid of you. Your choice.

It's time that the politicians and bureaucrats got off the backs of California's productive people and freed them to produce the innovation, wealth and jobs that only they can. Government is not the solution; government is the problem. It's time to repeal ab 32, which is essentially California 's experiment in controlling global warming. It is devastating California 's economy, and studies show that over a million jobs will be lost by the time it is fully implemented. And it's time for the federal government to stop worrying about minnows and to start letting California 's farmers take care of themselves by providing high quality food for the rest of us. It's time for them to rescind the endangered species act, or at least provide a hardship exemption to California 's central valley farmers. For the sake of our farmers and our state...turn on the water and let them farm!

But those things are just a start. If California and the country are to rebuild, then the government needs to get out of the way. Lower taxes, reduce regulation, and set californians and all americans free to produce prosperity for the nation. Our message to the government is clear and simple; we don't need your help, and we don't need your bailouts. Set us free from burdensome taxes and regulations and get the hell out of our way. We're the productive people of the state of California, we're americans, we're tea party patriots, and we've had just about all we're going to take from you. Fix it. Fix it now, or we will get rid of all of you.

Government is not the solution. Government is the problem. Join us as we send that message to sacramento and washington dc. From sacramento on August 28th, we'll be launching the tea party express. In association with our country deserves better, the tea party patriots will be participating in a cross country bus tour with tea parties scheduled for stops across the country, culminating in a massive March on washington dc on September 12, 2009. If you are a business owner affected by insane government over regulation, and you're interested in helping us with this event to unite business against government intrusion, please write to me directly at Mark@teapartypatriots.org With the words "I want to help" in the subject line. Many years from now, children will ask, "what did you do during the revolution?" what will your answer be? Come join us on August 28th from noon to 5 p.m. At the state capitol in sacramento . We're the tea party patriots...and a revolution is brewing. More details to follow, or visit the following sites to stay up to date. sacramento tea party tea party patriots sacramento tea party

Bring your family and friends. Tell all the business owners you know. It's time to get governmetn off our backs and set California businesses free to create jobs and prosperity for all.

Mark meckler tea party patriots sacramento coordinator California co-coordinator national coordinator

Heith Edelmann
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