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Default AfterMarket Gauges andTemperature sending units

I am adding some aftermarket gauges (the cheap kind you buy at your autoparts store) for alt/temp/oil since the 61 Scout 80 only has indicator lights (except temp). I found that the aftermarket temperature probe is too long to fit into the port that houses the original sending unit, so I have a couple questions.

1) how hard is it to test the temperature gauge to see if it is operational? What is procedure? Do I need special equipment.

2) I know the sending units are available (right here at IHPA!) but I can't seem to find anything on the cable for them. Anyone point me in the right direction?

3) does anyone have any experience with aftermarket gauges that fit the Scout 80 with 152 cu in engine.

This is the last step of a complete rewire that should see my Scout back on the road!

As always thanks in advance for your help!
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Default Re: AfterMarket Gauges andTemperature sending units

1. If it's a mechanical gauge (sender and cable permanently attached to gauge), just dip the sender end in some boiling water and make sure it reads close to 212f. If it is an electical gauge, power it up and do the same with the sender.
2. Usually doesn't matter what wire you use for an aftermarket electrical gauge. The sender just puts out a voltage that changes with temperature and the gauge reads the voltage, and displays a corresponding temperature.
3. You can also pick up one of those new fangled infrared thermometers for 25-30 bucks from harbor freight, norther tool, etc. They are a nice addition to your toolbox, and have many uses. Among other things, you can just point the red dot at the mainifold or where ever your sender is located and it'll give you a temp.
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