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Default Re: holly distributor and gold box wiring help!

Air + Fuel + Ignition (spark) in the proper mixture and at the right time forms the magical gasoline engine internal combustion pyramid. One or more of those legs is messed up. Fresh air intake is rarely a problem. Adequate, yet not excessive fresh fuel delivery should be the next easiest leg to visually verify and thus eliminate as a variable. Once that leg is blessed or repaired as the case may be and still no vroom vroom, you're left with the spark making system. Your "mechanic" replaced the remote module which did not solve the issue. The question I'd have for him is, was that just a wild ass guess, or did you actually perform some diagnostic process that led you to conclude the module had failed? I suspect it was a WAG. As WAG's go, that's not a bad one, but the problem with WAG's is they tend to be 50/50 in nature. There's more involved in the spark making process of your Scout than the Holley remote amplifier aka Gold Box. There's the coil. There's the pickup inside the distributor, there's the plug wires, there's the spark plugs...so on and so forth.
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Default Re: holly distributor and gold box wiring help!

We replaced thelugs and wires before it went to the mechanic and it has spark going to distributor, following up from there. Here those boxes have a tendency to fail, any info on that and what is the best way to replace that system?
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