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Default Scout II 1977 wont start, backfires

Im going crazy wrenching on the 304 in my Scout.
Previously i had the issue that no mattet what i did the car wouldnt idle, and ran poorly when you gave it throttle as well.

Then i swapped out the old 2210C carb for a rebuilt 2300 500CFM and after that it fired right up, idled perfectly and responded well to the throttle.

So i let the car warm up, drove it around for a while and parked it outside my garage.

Now it has been sitting for a couple of weeks while i waited for the bull gear for my Dana 300 to arrive from the US, installed the TC this weekend and afterwards i was going to move the truck to a different location and now it refuses to start!

It backfires either through the exhaust or the carb depending on how you turn the distributor (like half an inchs difference).

I have determined that its getting fuel, accelerator pump works as it should.
Has spark (i think it looks pretty weak though)
Wont start on starter fluid either.

Distributor cap, rotor, plugs and wires are about 3 months old.

Yesterday i removed all plugs (drenched in fuel obviously) and cleaned them, removed the distributor and TDCd the engine at cylinder number eights compression stroke again just to be sure but it still acts the same.

Any ideas? Could the timing chain have slipped? Broken gold box causing a weak spark?

Appreciate all inputs.
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