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Default 1973 IC 392 rebuild to replace 304 in 78 Scout 2

We have a 1978 Scout 2 with a 304 ci engine, 4 speed manual trans, new clutch, minor body resto nearly done. 4x4. Dana. It was a great buy considering body wasn't bad and guy thought more was wrong than a simple clutch job! Lee was excited to reclaim a Scout after a fully loaded beet haulin semi rearended his black one...and the Scout saved his life.
I am the camaro queen. I drive # 11 right now. Its a ddbut bein resurrected. I also love this Scout!
On to the story...
We bought a long block 1973 392 ic.
Its with a machinist and has been disassembled and checked for cracks.
It needs to be bored. 020 over or so.
Its supposed to be out of a truck not bus or grain hauler.
I am just learnin Scout. As well as have read tons of conflicting info.
Lee wants high compression power.
He keeps reading stroke this bb chev springs that. And so on.
I am not satisfied with hearsay! I have been placed in the position of gettin this done...which to me means doin it right
I want this jewel to last and be brute. He deserves this.
I need a specific plan to take to my machinist. This old guy loved IH rebuilds years ago and was excited to see me haul this to him. I trust his skill for stock, racing, custom builds etc.
I need all specs exact. I see michael and a few others are very wise.
Here's where I start?
3 angle valve job.
Line up cam bearings and rear for oil flow.
Smooth out oil passages.
True the heads. . but can we take it hair more ? ie . 020 for more compression
dui ignition
deck block . . How far?

"o" deck block vs. Offset grind crank to zero?
Oil pump kit
can we do. 040 over pistons with good results? Explain please.
Which: crank, springs, cam, carb/tuning and exact machining. Also read somethin about brass inserts somewhere into the 392. .
I have read and searched as well as gotten lost in these forums lol . this is a heavy task laid in my hands . if this was Chevy I would have the brass ones to just do it . .my machinist awaits my info..
IAMTHETERESAMONSTER. I have learned to make somethin out of nothing and anything from everything.
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392, crown jewel, dui ignition, rebuild, scout 2

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