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Default Re: Sd33/Sd33t

Originally Posted by carl wiese View Post
if there is no turbo it is not the original engine. All 1980's Scout II's were turbo engines. You can convert a none turbo engine to turbo, simply by finding a turbo intake and exhaust with the turbo and bolting it on or making your own.

However, this is not recommended. The turbo motors have an upgraded cooling system and it has oil squirters in the block to cool the bottom side of the pistons. The pistons are different, they have 5 rings instead of 3 and the top ring grove in armored.
Spot on.

Few other differences too. I just about done turbo'ing an 1983 n/a sd33 from a german patrol.

Injection pump is different. Turbo version has governor on it for boost. Turbo head will have steam ports.

The 83 n/a we just used did have the oil jets on the pistons. So by 1983 at least for the european market Nissan had streamlined the blocks and were no longer using two different blocks. Ie, turbo block on the n/a and all Nissan was producing at this time. I am also using a new from Nissan head, bought by a previous owner back in the late 90's. It lacks the steam ports so the heads did remain different until the end of the sd33t's. Easy to drill the n/a head though which is what we did.

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