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Default Re: Calling all SOA conversion guys......

Originally Posted by mikeindustries View Post
so how much are we talking here?

My transfer case slopes up towards the front of the Scout about 6*. This means that, if playing by the parallel rules, I need to point the front transfer case down about 4*, taking into account that the trans case will pull down another 2* when under load.

I don't like the idea of the trans case pointing down mostly because it would seem that doing so would make it vunerable to damage caused buy trail hazards.

So how much can I get away with in pointing it up and still achieve a smooth drive line at moderate, 50 mph, speeds?
My stock IH drivetrain sits at 5 to the rear.
Chevy is 3 from what I've read. So with that in mind, your front driveline is starting off point up a few degrees. Not like your going to clock a Dana 20 down. I bought an IH 727 transmission that had the Jeep round pattern tail housing conversion, so I could clock my t-case up. Not really needed, just add a skid plate if you think its not protected.

I know Jeff and Chad carry the extra deep yoke for your axle.
I bought this part as it sits about a 1/4" taller which helps to keep the joint from hitting the pinon nut when fully droop out.
Your cutnturn should help with that, but figured I would offer up that tid bit of info as a lot of folks forget about that.

I changed out the rear shaft and used a cv off a Jeep cherokee 87-91 front. The 231 has a 26 spline yoke output like the later model IH Dana 20's this requires you to re tube the driveline to the correct length. Later I bent that driveline and decide to get one from the driveline shop as it was made with all new parts.

Wow those c's look hammered on for sure. A bit late now, but
should have asked for ideas on get them off too.
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