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Default Axle width and compatibility

Ok.. For starters, I actually own a 78 cj5 but my buddy just got this Scout 800 and has no idea how to research.. Poor old man.. Anyway, its a 67 I think and I have found that the rear axle is about 8 inches to wide. It measures 66 inches wms-wms. My question is this. What types of trucks had a 58 inch rear end? We went to 5 junk yards and found only a Chevy tracker to be even close. There are 3.73 gears in the front so I would need to be sure I get these for the rear. Gotta love mexico and what they do to trucks!!!.
Oh.. Also looks like the front end is off a Ford, has Ford 5 lug bolt pattern. Thanks for the info in advance.
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Default Re: Axle width and compatibility

So you're saying the rear axle is full width out of some other vehicle? Scout, Jeep and Ford of that era all shared the same 5 on 5.5 lug pattern, so the fa could very well be original to the vehicle.
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Default Re: Axle width and compatibility

First, what are you trying to accomplish?

Replace the rear axle?

Is this a vehicle that has "lived" in mexico - a long time?

You need to supply pictures of the front and rear axles (and springs).

Then, someone can figure out what you have and give you an answer.

As far as I know -- anything other than another 800 axle will require "some work" / fabrication skills...
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Default Re: Axle width and compatibility

Ok, yes the rear axel is not original. It has only been in mexico for a few years. I can not get to it right noww for pictures but I can tell you I ran the bom numbers I found on the front axle and to be a Dana 30 off a Scout from 1969 1/5 to 1970, this Scout is a 67 so thats not original either but works. I tried to identify the rear, only thing I can come to is a 10 bolt Dana 44 with flange ends but, way to wide. So, what you are saying is that I need to look for an axle from the late60's to early 70's? Makes since I guess.
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Default Re: Axle width and compatibility

If it was a d44, I think you would find a bom number to the right of the pumpkin unless it has rusted / been ground off.

I assume the spring perches have been moved on the axle you have.

People put Scout II rear axles (d44) under 800s. I am pretty sure the spring perches need to be moved. Some cut down the axle tubes to 800 width -- obviously takes some skill (plus time / money).

Have the stock spring mounts been modified / moved?

Do not think you are going to find many 800s in a junkyard; some May be in someone's "backyard".

Might want to put an ad in the classified want ads -- with your area / how far you are willing to pay for shipping.

You can probably find one that way, but it May need to be rebuilt.
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Michael Mayben
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Default Re: Axle width and compatibility

A "late" Scout 800 (a or b) could certainly have a d30 front axle.

The oem rear axle on the s800 would have been a d44 that is properly sized in width to keep the rear wheels inside the wheel wells. It would have also been a "tapered axle/hub" version, a flanged axle was phased in for the Scout 800 sometime in '68 (production date not model year).

The 800 (like a cj Jeep" is a very compact vehicle, and uses a "narrow" axle set made to spec for that design vehicle. Same for the Bronco of that era.

If you are able to do lookups in the Dana bom catalog, then it's pretty easy to scan through the hundreds of variations and determine an application based on actual axle shaft length. I do that quite often myself. Extrapolate axle shaft length for a Scout 800 axle and compare with all other apps.

No full size pickup or passenger car of that era used a "narrow" d44, that would look pretty ridiculous and functionality would be non-existent.

By far the most common axle swap into a Scout 800 is a pair of Scout II d44. And of course many Scout II rigs have been scrapped to be donors for the d44 axle set into a cj Jeep. But...those axles are a bit wider than the tread width axles used in s800 oem, so the stance is enhanced to a degree depending upon wheel offset/backspacing.

Basically what is needed it to locate a pair of aftermarket spring perches on the top of the tubes to convert the suspension to spring-over. If you want to retain spring-under, then the Scout II width spring perches will have to be moved to match the spring locations on the s800.
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Chris Pucci
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Default Re: Axle width and compatibility

Back to the original question as I am unconcerned with how it got screwed up, it just is....

You need to look for Scout II and Jeep wagoneer narrow track axles for 58-59" wms-wms rear axles.

If you found a Scout II I'd get both the front and rear so you'd have matching gear ratios for sure. Same goes for the Jeep stuff.

But if you just find a rear axle 3.73 is super common, so it might just work out.

Good luck!
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3.73, axle, scout 800, width

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