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Default Night Games

nav-com adventure game #2
and camp out

June 7, 2014 at 1:00pm
10 miles east of yerington
base camp at n39.00673 w118.99150

First and foremost our goal is to have fun! Second is to learn to use our equipment while having fun. Weíre going to combine off-road driving, navigation (with and without gps), problem solving, and radio communications. And just to make things a little more difficult. Weíre going to do it at night.

Everyone had a good time at the last event so letís make this one a bit more extensive. The plan is to cover a lot more ground with a lot more separation between teams. Several of us will be headed out Friday to camp. Come out and camp, or just show up for the day. We found a great area east of yerington that should prove to be a lot of fun.
Base camp is passenger car, as well as, motor home accessible. Between the day and the night run we will have a pot luck dinner. Iíll make a batch of my chili verdi and if everyone brings a dish to share with the group, we will all be well fed and ready to have fun when the sun sets. Everyone will need to bring their own plates, flatware, and beverage.

1:00 pm we will start with short orientation and dividing up into our teams. If anyone needs assistance setting up a radio or gps, there will be several very skilled people that will gladly assist you.

Directly after orientation and set up: off to the first way point for the day event. This gives everyone a chance to make sure everything is working and figure out how the game is played.

6:00 pm gather at base camp for a potluck dinner.

8:00 pm itís off for the night event. More distance, more extensive puzzles, more driving challenges, more fun.

from maverick gas station in yerington, head east on alt. 95. At 10 miles turn right at the end of the armco barrier. This passenger car / motor home passable road will take you directly to base camp.

Whatís needed to play:

1. A willingness to have fun.

2. 4 wheel drive vehicle with low range transfercase.

3. Any hand held gps. Mapping is helpful but not necessary.

4. A radio. We will be using primarily ham radioís, but for those who donít have ham, frs (those little walkie talkies every sporting good store sells) will also be used.

5. Flash lights. Everyone should be equipped with a good flashlight.

If you donít have some of the above items, donít worry. This is a team game. Teams will be divided up so each team has all the necessary equipment. Itís a lot easier for a driver to have a navigator. Driving, navigating and working the radio is a lot!!! So bring the wife, a buddy, or xyl. If you donít have a ride show up anyway, thereís always an open seat.

Other needed information:

we will be using decimal degree coordinate format. (default on most gps units is degrees decimal minutes) have your gps changed over in advance. If you canít figure it out, bring it with you anyway. Someone will be able to help you.

primary frequency will be 146.550 mhz. Inter team communications can use frs channels 1 and 2, no privacy code. Unlicensed players are welcome to listen on ham radios, but we do not promote unlicensed broadcasting on ham frequencies.

just because the terrain is completely passable with a stock vehicle doesnít mean it wonít pose a driving challenge. This event takes place on what I consider ďroadsĒ and is not a rock crawling type trail. Please make sure your rig is in trail worthy condition and has everything strapped down!

Fuel: last gas is in yerington. If you top off, one tank should be plenty to play and make it back to town.
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Default Re: Night Games

Degrees decimal minutes, decimal degrees, degrees minutes seconds, wgs84, nad27. Do you know what all this is and how to find it on a map or gps?

Did you know that the coordinates on a map won't take you to the same place as with your gps?

The rubicon trail repeater uses two pl tones. One for trail use and the other to link to placerville. This is very useful to call 911 or reach the outside world. Do you know how to set this up on the fly? What about a repeater with non standard offset?

I don't want to be the only Scout, hope to see you there.
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