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Doc Stewart
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Default Flywheel turning wrench

50 years of shade tree mechanicing and I never saw one of these!
How many times have you used a screwdriver to turn the flywheel - usually lying on your back under the truck in the dirt?

Wandering around the tool store in chico [first major exit coming from the south, turn right two blocks] I found a strange looking device. When I asked what it was for, he told me it was a flywheel turner -different from a pancake turner but equally as useful. It was used and it went home with me for $7.

Installing a 727 in my 74 4x4 this week, I got to try it out. Slick! It hooks the ring gear teeth and turns the flywheel easily - no more tooth-at-a-time with the screwdriver slipping and knuckles scraped!

I have no idea where you might find a new one. Didn't see one at sears - maybe snap-on?
Doc Stewart
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Default Re: Flywheel turning wrench

Snap on has them for sure. I think mac tools does too. I've had mine for about ten years and bought it off of the snap on truck. I had the same amazement as you doc when I first came across this same tool.

Jeff Ismail
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Michael Mayben
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Default Re: Flywheel turning wrench

I've been buying this tool for many years, have at least three right now I use for various applications:

lisle corporation

Lisle has many specialty items that available through almost any auto parts location. All my local sources keep this tool hanging on the wall, including the local sears store!
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Isa's International Harvester
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Default Re: Flywheel turning wrench

I had to have one first time I saw one. Mine is made by kd tools that iv'e had for at least 15 years.I was lucky, the guy who had it was retired and gave it to me.
Definitely a sweet tool!

Doc, whats a pancake turner? Is that what you use before the aunt jemima?

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Isa Ismail
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Default Re: Flywheel turning wrench

My old boss had one of those, I thought everyone had one! I think it was a lisle...
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