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Default Yes Another Tire Size Question

Hey all - I searched posts and could not see anything that helped so thought I would ask. I am in the middle of a restoration project with my Son and now that we have a freshly painted frame and the axels are done I am looking to start putting it back together. Its a 1973 Scout II I have a 2.5 RC spring lift kit i'm giong to put on it. The old scout had 31X10.50 tires on it and I would am pretty sure that 32's would fit. How about 33's? Its just giong to be a 16 year old's first rig so no off road monster just a cool ride.

So 1973 scout II with a RC 2.5 Lift 32's or 33's?

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Default Re: Yes Another Tire Size Question

I had 32 X 11.5s mounted on 10 inch rims with a RC 2.5" lift on my 75 Scout. They never hit on the street, but definitely hit in the back of the rear fender wells when off road. If you just stay on dirt roads, and avoid RTI ramps, 32s should be OK. I'd avoid the 33s with that setup. Problem is, if you measure from the front to back of the rear inner fender opening it's only about 30 inches. If you stuff a 33 far enough in there, it's going to stop turning, at that point the u-joint, or something in the rear end will break, or you tear the spring perches off the axle - something has to give. Need more lift - either body or spring, and or longer bump stops.
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