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Default High steer kit

I would like to put a high steer kit on the frt of my Jeep which has Scout II d44 axles . But cant sink $1000 into it for the kit can u recommend a site that has good deals on stuff like that
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Default Re: High steer kit

We have the best deals out there so if you can't afford what we sell I suggest going to the junkyard and find a used set of flat top knuckles, have them machined, swap to GM brakes or drill out your existing brakes, add hysteer arms, tierod and draglink. By the time you're done you will probably have more into then just buying the kit we offer so save yourself the trouble.

Good luck!

Jeff Ismail
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Isa's International Harvester
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Default Re: High steer kit

Just like Jeff state's,
his kits are priced very reasonable,if you have all the time in the world, and access to machine shop equipment, you can do it as you May deem it cost effective.my kits just went up because of product stability.they started at $1250.00 , now depending on availability, they are probably going to start at $1500.00.
At this time,I do not know.
F.y.I. My kits are for heavy competition, that being the fact,you get what you pay for.
Pony up for Jeff's kit for a bargain, or if you win the big one call me,I can set you up too!
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