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Robert Kenney
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Default Re: 1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's

Now that the brakes are 120%, I am moving on to the drivetrain.
I want to replace all of the engine mounts to stop a rubbing/thumping issue that occurs while leaving from a stop. Also reseal this monster oil leaker.

Let me preface the following with this. I like the temperament of the 304, It has nice low to mid range grunt, and pulls OK at the end of the RPM range. The 2 barrel is intended to take full throttle at low rpm, and not fall on its face. That compromises upper end HP. If you have seen the published factory power curves where the engines are compared with and without dual exhaust, you can see that they respond well to flow improvements in stock trim. I would like to fully tap in to that while not effecting the low end performance one bit.

So I decided to just go through the engine, see what it needs and do it. Not sure if it will be stock, or "slightly" better than stock. Slightly better than stock to me is the smallest Comp or Isky cam that is available or a custom grind, mild compression increase, minor flow bench work, small 4 barrel carb and dual exhaust. Now beyond that I can't be certain what I may desire once the thing is apart in my shop.
Not totally off the table but not in the current plan are:
1) Stroke
2) Bore
3) Lightening the recip masses EG pistons and rods. (both custom units)
On 3 I've already done the leg work with my flailing 152 project.

On to the trans. I am fortunate to have the T34 factory installed in this truck. I've spent many many hours amassing replacement parts and part numbers to freshen it, including synchro clutches and other hard parts. The transfer case will suffer the same fate and get a freshening.

I also think I will tackle the cowl rust while the engine is out.

Stay tuned.
Robert Kenney

“Don't lift until the fear of death over comes the fear of speed.” Author Unknown

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