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Default use of vapor storage canister with Holley 2300

'74 scout II, smogged 345, with auto 727. It has what I believe to be a replacement Holley 2300 2 bbl, list 7448, manual choke, ungoverned. This carb has two vacuum ports, one a "timed spark vacuum port" for the vacuum advance, and the other off the throttle plate, for manifold vacuum.

The evaporative loss control system is intact and functional (just rebuilt), minus the the line to the carb fuel bowl vent (doesn't exist on this carb, far as I can tell), and the vacuum line to the carb/manifold. My plan is to plug the canister port for the fuel bowl vent, and run a vacuum line from the purge port on the canister to the carb. This will at least allow me to collect gas tank fumes.

1) Do I use the "timed spark vacuum port" on the carb or the manifold port to purge the canister? I assume the latter.
2) Will this set up create too big of a vacuum 'leak' sucking air through the canister? In discussing the canister, the fuel system manual (CTS-2611, page 4) discusses a 0.035" diameter orifice in the carburetor vacuum passage, presumably to modulate a 'leak,' but I assume the replacement 2300 lacks this feature.

What is the best way to hook up the canister given my scenario?
Thanks, Jon

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