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Ricky B
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Default Best PCV location--valve cover or valley pan?..

Tearing into my latest toy ('76 Traveler with the 304E). Had a massive intake and v/pan leak and this thing came with a PCV on each valve cover---very ungood if I remember a long post from Mr. Mayben a few years back. Oil and sludge frickin everywhere----inside and out. Rocker arm assembly for example looked like it came from the La Brea tar pits. Anyways before I start putting the top end back together next week I was wondering if installing a PCV and grommet on the valley pan is a better idea versus the PCV on the passenger side v/cover and the flame arrestor fitting on the driver's side that she currently has?.....😎

Thanx in advance,

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Default Re: Best PCV location--valve cover or valley pan?..

Either or they both do the same job. I got a valley pan from a local guy that didnt have the grommet hole in the pan. I drilled it out and used a die grinder to make it match a 304 pan I had. Also took the baffle from the 304 pan and tacked it on the 345 pan.

So if you do decide to do that you will need a baffle that goes from the back edge of pan at about 45-50 deg. about 4-5" long.
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