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Michael Mayben
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Default Electrical Contact Cleaning

For years I've been buying these "pen" type tools at the electronic supply house or frye's. But they never seem to have more than one on hand.

Now harbor freight is handling 'em in quantity:

"spot sanding prep pen

* more than 20,000 glass fibers remove rust, wax, corrosion, and road film
* pencil-shaped tool gets into hard-to-reach areas
* use for automotive painting, electronic soldering, cleaning gears and contacts, and hobbies"

this is the hot tickee for getting inside both male and female components of bulkhead connectors, cleaning contacts on turn signal switches, and down inside bulb sockets. And they are the best tools for cleaning the circuit board contact areas for the instrument panels.

But be careful and don't touch the tip of the fibers, if ya do it's like gettin' hit by a real small porcupine.

These are consumable as ya use 'em...buy two or a dozen!
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Default Re: Electrical Contact Cleaning

And for cleaning contacts you can't get to with the pen, here is a chemical cleaner that works better than anything I have ever found in an auto parts store. It's called deoxit. It's expensive, a 5 oz. Can being about $17. But a can goes a loooooong way and it's worth every penny. The only place I know it's available is at electronics supply stores.
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