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Default Re: 1965 D1100 4x4 driver/project

While I have some time I decided I would throw a sort of to do list together for the bigger issues. These are the the things that offend me most/ most important and not in any particular order. (Leaving out electrics, I plan on doing that first) I'm looking through eleventymillion threads on some of these, so to the readers, if you happen to know a thread on a particular issue please post a link for future reference. Thanks in advance.

1. Fix the leaks. Its leaky-leaky, like seriously its perpetually wetting itself lol. It doesnt pour fluid in any case, its just a very persistent driveway stainer in most all cases. The only thing that doesnt leak is coolant, and I honestly don't expect it to stay that way. Replaced plugs already, radiator is where the issues are.
Front/rear axle pumpkins
T-case *source of leak to be determined
Engine oil seeps from pan gasket and V-covers
Tranny *source to be determined
2. Play "Guess That LOUD Noise" with 4th gear over 45mph. Sounds sorta like driveline noise? Noticeable change when you take your foot off the gas. Sort of a rattley humming going up to 65. More rattle than humm off the gas.
3. Fix butchered driver door so the window will go down more than an 8th inch. Some nincompoop decided to cut a big ugly hole around the old latch and jimmey/weld in an unknown latch. While they did that they cut/bent the rear track(metal u shaped strip that the felt sits in) upwards. All of this correlates to why I named the truck Sherman, after the Sherman tank of ww2, the one the germans called tommy-cookers.(It COOKS me in the summer(AC on the wish list)) especially since the heater doesnt turn off all the way.(note bright red valve on heater hose in the engine bay pic)
4. Fix steering issue. Front edge of the driver tire hits the front end of the pit arm/link when steering hard right, it steers tighter left than right. Also going over 40mph on bumpy country roads is bumper-bowling not driving.(I call it drunk simulator).
5. Replace front shocks
*actually have rear shocks
6. Cab seals ie lots of silicon sealent, and rebuild doors.
7. Fix/rebuild heater controlls/valve.
8. Recover the new (to me) seat and install. *throw away/blow up/dump/burn/sell the unknown old seat that wasn't mounted properly.(GAD PLEASE FIX THAT SMELL)
9. Sort out a winch
10.Wish list items(may do some along the way, others are over the rainbow)
Replace bed floor
Fix right trim ring
Replace rear lights with ones you can actually see day time
Disk brake
Dual tanks
Dual Dual tanks (maybe the truck actually IS drunk?)
Spare tire carrier
Change from 16.5 to 16 wheels
Do something with the bed rack or make a new one
(Make removable rack mounted "bed" light)
Front bumper mounted lights? Not sure yet
Repair rust on cowl under hood/remove/re-engineer vents
Replace door glass
Fix knackered tailgate
Sturdy hitch
Supercharge. Yes, supercharge. 5-10psi boost?
(For hunting/trailing in Tahoe)
don't want a turbo cuz merica
5Speed(least likely)
Upgrade headlights(already have h4 conversion)
Custom rag joint column for original look inside
Manual lockers
Completely rebuild things eventually(engine tranny t-case)
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