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Default Re: 1965 D1100 4x4 driver/project

True that on the "all too comon". I thought otherwise since the shop owner was a second gen IH dealer AT THAT LOCATION.(boonies near my house) he had an un papered 1966 1200 in his yard that I bought for parts and liked my truck, even drove an old r series himself. I kinda wish he charged me less but in the end it was semi worth it, he got alot of nostalgia from it and passed sadly earlier this year. Dont know if you can see in the pics but driver side of my truck on the lift was his "parts cabnet" a 1963 split window vett on blocks XD. Anyways somebody already tried on patching the wiring, Im going to replace most of it with an oem reproduced harness made custom for a 10si. The factory bundle is already been replaced for the rear lights and the oem from the starter downward is good enough to make minor repairs to. Everything else is getting gutted. Thanks for the info on the 3/4 ton axles, was wondering about weight rating (7/8ish ton was what I concluded). I will try to snag a pic of the column tomorow; have an original top half of a column from a cut up truck in idaho, was thinking I might build a rag joint type column out of it and get the nice 60s steering wheel back(4 spoke). Every one told me I was nuts for buying this thing and that I would never find any parts, but I havent had any trouble so far, more so figuring out what I actually need. it has a butt ton of stuff for me to do, so Ill update as I go. Absolutly no regrets, this thing is an absolute tank, with an incredible turning radius all be it only one direction(fix to come for that). I'm liking the color for a Gadston flag on the doors
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