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Default Re: Before and After of My Scout 80 CS

Mass production???? I have no idea. The part that is not really sale-able is the machine work. A kit would have to have that. Most swap in d44's and use a high steer kit. I am afraid I am the fringe element that would screw around with the d27. I suppose there might be other purists out there but I have not found many yet.

Bump steer is a function of the drag link geometry and unless the geometry is corrected a damper only takes a tad of the effect away but transmits the load to the steering gear. The problem is still there so it depends how much crap you are willing to deal with when you drive down the road. I am not very prone to put up with a vehicle that won't behave so I am fixing it to my liking.

2 inch I don't remember what the stock shackle bolt cl was so I could not tell you which to buy. You should measure yours with a tape and see where your base line is. 1 inch of lift from the shackle will be no worse than the 3/4 I have. You will still have roughly the same road manners as I do.
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