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Default Re: 1979 International Scout II

Originally Posted by Scoutboy74 View Post
Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service! If it isn't too late or going to hold up your process too much, you really ought to strongly consider adding these...... your freshened up rear axle assembly. And I'm not just being a shill for IHPA. I've personally experienced the dreaded Scout II rear D44 axle shaft poop out of the housing while in motion. In my case, I knew I had a wheel bearing about to go out and I was just trying to gingerly limp the Scout the last 10 miles home so I could address it. Should have parked it right where I was and fetched a trailer. I didn't make it. I was only going about 20-25 mph when the driver side shaft walked out on me, so I didn't have any catastrophic loss of control or major damage, but it was still a sucky situation. With the new bearings, you shouldn't have any worries for years, but the time to put those heavy duty retention plates on is when you have everything broken down already.
If funny that you mention replacing the retaining plates, my Dad and I were talking about them yesterday and he mentioned he had his break off on a vehicle he had when he was younger. So with that and your advise I am ordering a pair. Shouldnt hold me back anymore than Ive been waiting on the rear disk brake conversion kit from XXXXXXX. Its already been 3 weeks and have not received them yet. At this rate Ill probably get these plates before they ship my kit. Try to save a couple dollars and its back firing.

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