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Default Re: 1979 International Scout II

Originally Posted by Scout-It-Out View Post
wow, you've done a lot in 2 posts! Looks good! Can't wait to see what happens next! Where are you located?

What size tires are those?

Are you putting fuel injection on it?
I bought the Scout last year and had to put it on the back burner for a while, had our second daughter and did not have the extra money to work on it. One thing I noticed that I did on my post is it say 1970 when its a 79'. Not sure how to change it yet. I used that time to disassemble the entire Scout.

-Im in Henderson Colorado.
-They are 35x12.5x15 Kumho Venture MT with 15x8.5 Bully pro 5Ls

I wanted to keep it a carb. A little hesitant on adding more electrical. All I have owned were Audis so I wanted to stray away from it, but doesnt mean I havent considered it.

One thing I wanted to do differently is instead of going with a 350 or LS which it looks like those are the most common swaps. I wanted to do a BBC 454. I have only seen one that was in a magazine with a 454 and thought it be a nice to have something somewhat unique. So the engine you see is from a 77 GMC pick up. I have more parts that came in and need to post the pictures. Ill probably start putting back together the axles this weekend. One thing that I havent decided on yet was doing a SOA, I wanted to keep it SUA. So with the Rough Country 4 inch lift, reverse shackle kit, and 6 inch shackles I May have enough clearance for the 35s. I was also going to get the Rough Country add a leaf kit to possible get another inch, plus new body bushings should give me about another inch of lift. Fenders will be cut and a older Chevy or Ford fender flare installed to help with wheel clearance. I have to do a little more searching, but for now thats the plan. I will be upgrading the axles later but not right away. Ill try to take as many pictures as possible to record the build.
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