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Default Re: 4th Gear 45mph Max Speed

Im not an expert by any means, but I get 65-70 out of my 1965 1100 4x4 no problem with the t-16 tranny (borg warner T-98a 4 speed). You might play with the shift pattern a little. If its not a properly aligned H then that may (MAY) be your answer with 5th gear "stuck" for whatever reason. On my tranny however the in gear positioning is in a H pattern, however its not really an H in between gears, assuming reading gears top to bottom 1 and 3 top 2 and 4 bottom, between 2 and 3 you go up at an angle into third, and if you arent careful its easy to hit reverse, wich btw is all the way right and up. If yours is down into reverse that also could be an indicaror that at least its not the T-16 4 speed. Have a look underneith and find some pics of the more common 4/5speed units and try and find a match. Sorry if this isnt much help but it might atleast give you something to entertain yourself with untill actual help arrives lol. I think I also replied on your thread about your T-case, any luck on an LST? That can help you out alot. If missing they can be recovered through IHPA for about $20. Worth it.
*edit any pics?
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