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Default Re: 33 gal SII tank

I ordered the 33 gal. Tank with efi in-tank pump modifications along with the in-tank pump. I know the tank will be drop shipped from the mfgr., but the pump I received yesterday doesn't have the mounting assembly that would serve as an attachment point (and hole cover) to the top of the tank.

I'm assuming you meant to send me the entire assembly rather than just the pump and an inlet strainer. Apologies for posting this here vs. Calling you, but your flyer in the shipment makes very clear that I only have 48 hours to report any discrepancies in the order. I May not have had time to call you on Monday.

Please let me know if you really meant to send me the entire assembly vs. What I received or if I need to research and source the assembly on my own. If that is the case I'm not sure I need the pump and strainer I was sent.

On the other hand if the rest of the assembly is being shipped from the tank manufacturer, that's great. If I'm understanding it correctly the sender, metal filter, and other mounting doo dads (shown in the product photo) will be sent along with the tank so perhaps the fuel pump base/cover will be included with that package. To be clear, the only items I received relating to the tank were the bare pump and strainer.

I'll take no offense if you delete this post.


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