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Default Re: Wiring Sanity Check SII

so i have a new issue with this re wire. it has long beenfinished and has been working just fine. i have had some “droputs” of voltage but I foind some loose connections at the battery and things returned to normal

Lately a similar thing occurred and two nights ago the truck just died. no juice at all.

I noticed that a 50amp breaker that i installed to replace the fuseable link had trippedd and that it was very hot. the wires to either side of it were not unusually hot.

I have only had time for a few tests. I found that the input wire tothe breaker was loose so I tightened it. When I start the truck the breaker trips within 30 seconds.

I have a voltage gauge conncted to the fuse block. There is no longer an ammeter. There is an 8 gauge wire from alternator directly to the battery. The 10gauge to the breaker comes from the charging terminal of the alternator where the 8gauge attaches

When i start the engine the voltage gauge climbs slowly to 13volts. this is new. It suggests a resistive short in the dash. The battery is getting the full 13v directly fromthe alternator plus the engine is over 1000 rpm so not an alternator output issue.

I have looked to see if there are any places where the bundle of wires going into the dash have been rubbed or cut especially since i ran tem in a non stock route (see previous photos)

I can find no such damage.

I have some ideas for further investigation but first I want opinions on one idea. This line feeds the fuse block and the sum of the fuses is much higher than 50amps. I understand the concept of de rating.

I think that the breaker is too small and has been running near to its trip point that it has deteriorated from heat and now trips at a lower current.

M Mayben has suggested a 50amp fuse or breaker here but maybe I need beefier breaker.

I welcome opinions

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