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Default Re: 1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's

Originally Posted by Robert Kenney View Post
All buttoned up. Took her for a shake down drive. Have to say that it stops as well as any late model. Very nice pedal and low effort to bring to a quick stop. I think the hydraulics are set up to give to much proportional rear braking effort compared to the front. I might drop the rear wheel cylinder diameter by 1/8" to help that. I will wait till I drive it more before making the final decision.

One thing I will do before to much mileage is to have the drums trued. They need to be mounted to the hub and have the lug nuts torqued before trueing. The drums new out of the box were not round. One was .010" and the other was .015" bigger in diameter at 90 deg increments, when I indicated them in for machining. Probably should have done the trueing before mounting them, but I was anxious to test drive it.
Have found that to. Be soo true in the past 40 years. Always had rotors and drums trued up when installing new 1s.even in larger trucks as well. That's why most shops always had a shoe grinding/sanding machine. To sand the brake shoes to a perfect fit for the drums. Still have the machine dad had in D-ship shop! Still works to.
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