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Default Re: Dana/Spicer Transfer Case Guapo

D300 with 4:1 Terra Lows, Advanced Adapters heavy duty output shaft, twin sticked. Have about 15K miles on complete rebuild. Getting a weird growl when I take my foot out of the gas, and again when I step back on the gas, but only happens at freeway speeds - above about 50 mph. This is happening in 2 hi. No noise at low speeds around town, or cruising steady state at freeway speeds. Changed the fluid a few weeks ago. Saw a little fuzz on the pan magnet, less than I expected for first oil change after new gears and bearings. Getting ready to pull the cover and take a closer look. About the only thing I can figure, is one of the set screws holding the shifter forks is loose, or maybe one of the nylon bushings that go on the ends of the shift forks and ride in the slider gear grooves broke and fell out. If anyone has any suggestions for anything else to look for while I'm poking around in there let me know.
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