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Default Reverse Circuit head scratching - EZ wire

Working on a 1973 Scout II with 3455 automatic

OK i have done extensive searching and thought i had this figured out but i am at a loss. I am installing a new wiring harness and have gotten to the oh so fun NSS and reverse lights. From doing extensive searching i though all i needed was to run the yellow wire down to my reverse lights for power, green wire goes to start relay and other outer brown wire head to the fuse box (still dont really know how that works).................but the confusing part.

My reverse lights are a single element with only one wire in the pigtail...does this just ground to the socket-light housing-body?

also if i split the single yellow power wire to both sockets wont the power just find the path of least resistance and one light will work and the other wont?

Thanks for any input you folks have.


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