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Default Re: Binder Bee 2015 needs new leadership

I am located in Klamath Falls. I am not affiliated with any groups, off road or others, and I have no idea if the local off road group has any Scouts in it. I just thought they may be willing to host a group of scouts if we asked them. My scout is strictly on-road which is why I only offered to lead a group to Crater Lake or something like that. I have been involved with many different types of groups over the years, and they always end up with a few people doing most of the work until finally someone gets Tired and wishes to do other things and the group disbands (not trying to be a Debbie Downer here just stating the obvious). It would be nice to get a large group of IH enthusiast together and have some rod runs, I feel that shows pride in your product and a willingness to share with other people other than a car show which I find boring after doing them for so many years. I like seeing vehicles on the road and people having fun, who doesn't like ice cream, right. If we can get a few local IH vehicles in our area to do some close by runs perhaps it will grow into something. Andy Frei

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