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Default Re: Binder Bee 2015 needs new leadership

Mcgrew is permanent.

Agreed with the NorCal thought. How much of the North would be interested traveling to the tri-county area, and could we get their support and assistance? Nothing like a new show to spark interest. I realized that with the Rallye vs. Western Regionals. Maybe Jeff would give us space on the forum for a private planning room.

7 Feathers would/could be kinda bitchin. About 3 hours south of Portland; 1 hours north of Methford.

JoCo fairgrounds is desperate for bucks. Not sure about onsite camping. The Illinois River Forks State Park has room for show-n-shine only. Its just south of CJ off 199, 40 minutes south GP and both I-5 exits. If only Mcgrew was open.

I put a call into a buddy who is a ranger with the forest service for info
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