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More progress on the engine:

got all, except smog canister, vacuum lines installed. Used braided stainless lines with some black fragola clamps and covers. I never want to touch another stainless steel braided line again!!!!! Had to put in a new egr valve as the old diaphragm wasn't working properly. Also had to replace the high temp thermal vacuum switch because the top nipple on the original "red" one broke off. The one I picked up kicks in at 100 degrees and the original was set for 110 I believe. Can't imagine that this will cause any problems.

Here's a couple shots of the vacuum lines:

passenger side

Passenger side top view

Drivers side top view

I also installed the new fuel pump and pump to carb fuel line. I followed where my original line went but used braided stainless fuel line here instead of the original rotted hard fuel line. I used some line clamps attached in 3 different spots (water neck, water pump, and alternator bracket) to make sure the line would stay secured properly. For now it seems to clear everything just right. I rotated the carb inlet down just a tad to clear the water neck yet still clear all the throttle linkage as well.

Here's a couple pics of the fuel line path:

from fuel pump
it doesn't contact the water tube, yet. Not sure if that would cause any problems but I could easily put a spacer in if it does.

Water pump and pulley area
everything clears great here.

Carb inlet
as of now this is how I'm going to keep it. If I notice any problems I can always switch out to a straight fitting on the carb.

I have also installed the lokar kickdown and throttle bracket on the new Holley carb. I have yet to cut the throttle cable to the proper length but will be doing so after I pull, clean up, and fix all the slop at the pedal bracket.

Here's a couple pics of the installed lokar cables:

Final thing I have gotten finished up is the bypass hose radiator hose. It is a stock bypass hose with black thermal wrap and some gates heat shrink clamps. The radiator hoses will be getting the same treatment.

Here are some pics of the bypass hose:
not all that exciting but I included them nontheless.

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