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Originally Posted by robertc View Post
re fuel inlet:

I do not know how the 80457 on my 392 came "out of the box" (10 years ago?).

The mechanic set it up like the stock version -- there is a straight brass fuel fitting (to metal fuel line) where the fitting / tube is on yours.

I assume you can change the fitting on your carb...

The stock 392 / 4bbl has a metal gas line -- from the carb, it makes a 180 degree turn and runs between the thermostat housing / intake / "under the carb" where it connects to the fuel filter.
Thx Robert. After checking out a couple other set ups I've noticed that all of them have a straight inlet fitting. I will most likely be going that route. The carb did come with some other fittings but I haven't checked them out yet.
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