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Default 19th Annual East Coast Scout and Light Truck Regionals

The carlisle all truck nationals event (August 7th-9th, 2009) is fast approaching and I'm sure you're all looking forward to the chance to get together with all your IH friends to catch up on life, share some stories, and just kick back and relax. This year our registration procedures have changed. You will be pre-registering directly with carlisle productions instead of mailing your registration information to me. The carlisle staff has made the online registration process so easy that I recommend using that method. They have even listed triple diamond fourwheelers in the drop down club selection box on the online registration form.

Everything you need to pre-register your vehicle and reserve a hotel room is included with/in this email. As usual, please, please, please remember to include triple diamond fourwheelers in the club section of the forms. As in the past, we still need to register atleast 30 vehicles to have free use of the big club tent on the field.

While you are pre-registering directly with carlisle productions, you still must stop at the triple diamond tent if you wish to have your vehicle considered for any triple diamond awards (we will work this the same as in the past and collect $10 per vehicle to be judged by tdfw to help offset the cost of the trophy placks.)

for more information - carlisle all truck nationals aug 7-9, 2009 - binder planet forums

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