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Default Door glass plastic guide track install?

Im finally getting around to installing the plastic track that goes into the front edge of the door glass on an 800B.

I took the door all apart and removed the vent window assembly, then cleaned the channel and glued the extruded plastic strip into the channel. Once the glue was set, I lowered it down into the door and installed the vent window.

Everything seemed fine until I tried to roll up the window! The front vertical edge grabbed the new plastic channel and ripped it up and pretty much destroyed it.

What am I doing wrong here? I tried searching for an install writeup but couldn't find anything.
Current situation:

1) Running - 1967 800 w/196E named the "Orange & Vanilla"
2) Parts - 1969 800A w/196 named "the purple one"
3) Running - 1971 800B Comanche 304/4sp
4) Frame & Tub - 1971 800B donor for Comanche
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