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I have a IH Single Speed Chain Drive transfer case. IH model - TC-143, IH Code 13143. After playing with it all day Sunday, I pulled the "pull cable" from the dashboard, and tried to disconnect the cable. Removed the cable cover plate so I could see the "innards". the cable casing is real hard plastic/rubber (maybe because its from 1977?). I noticed that even when straight, the cable is very hard to actuate.
Tried monkeying with the adjustment screw, had the cable engaged to 4WD - SUCCESS!. But after all that , I think I will just get a new cable made. Around $85,from a shop here in SoCal. Anyway, nice to know that I don''t have to pull the damn T-case out. BTW- was able to see the internal chain. It has maybe a 1/4 inch up and down play.

Gee- I love working on these old iron machine. Good mental therapy.
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