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Default Re: An Expedition Scout

I rebuilt the new design Weber that was leaking and this is a completely different 32/36 than the 4 Spanish versions that I have stock piled, so there's a bit of a learning curve on it, and first run with it newly rebuilt was a failure. My idle jets are to small and it's running REALLY lean according to the plugs and how it drives. Pulled it off and replaced it with the early version that I had already rebuilt, it wasn't jetted right, but I have a ton of jets for that model, and here is where I ended up. I need to do an AFR gauge to get it better, but it's running pretty good like this. Primary is 75 idle, 165 main, 180 air corrector/ Secondary is 70 idle, 160 main, 170 air corrector. With this jetting the volume screw is just under 1.5 turns out, that's within spec, and there is no hesitations during off idle transition or when the secondary comes in. An off idle full throttle hit doesn't report a lean cough, and acceleration is smooth with no hesitations right up to redline. It doesn't smell rich and the plugs seem happy with it. I will do a mileage check over the next few weeks and see if it's still in the 18-19 mpg on the highway, but I'm callin it good for least till I do an AFR.
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