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Default Re: Trail Run: Stag Point, Cleghorn, or Snake Lake

Okay, so it appears that snake lake attracted the most interest, and the 26th-27th is the best weekend. Mark your calendars!

Let's meet at the trailhead at 9am on Saturday the 26th. The trailhead is shown on the map that I attached to my first post. For those who are interested but did not post up, we can go in one of two ways. We can go past snake lake first, and down what some have described as a tough obstacle, or we can go past little deer lake first on our way to snake lake, which sounds slightly easier. So if we have some along who would prefer what sounds like the easier route, we can try that on the way in. For those who want the rougher route, they can take the route past snake lake on the way out.

If you are going, please post up and confirm so I have a head count. Thanks!
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