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Default Re: Pete's Buildup '73 Scout II

So once I removed the spring perches, I decided to go ahead and swap the rear springs. I had originally thought to pick up some Chevy 56" springs and use the off-set center pin to stretch the wheel base about 4". However, I found some 63" springs on a 90's suburban that I liked. I placed them side by side with my Scout II rears (that had a few extra leaves) and the 63" springs are only about 4" longer. So, with re-working the front mount for the rear springs and fabbing up a new rear shackle mount, I should have the 4" stretch I was looking for without too much drama.

Here is a photo of the two springs on top of each other.

And I pulled some 52" springs that I eventually plan on throwing under the front of the Scout. They are the ones on top, with the Scout II rears in the middle, and the 63" on the bottom.

I'll update as I get time.
'73 Scout II 345/727/d20
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