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Default Re: IH Parts America's 1971 Scout 800B

Originally Posted by piglet View Post
Stumpy is looking good! I noticed you have upgraded the drag link and tie rod hardware as well. Is that detailed in another thread? Mine seem fine for now but would like to have an option other than the stock hardware when it comes time to replace. I would love some easier to service parts.
I didn't mention the tierod upgrade as it was an experiment to see if we could market them for retail. I read on binder planet about using a Ford Bronco tierod and tried it out. After performing the install I felt that it was more trouble than what it was worth so I did not go any further. For the draglink and pitman arm we did end up marketing that part and can be purchased on our online store - CPT Scout 80 or 800 pitman arm and draglink combo - International Scout parts

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