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Default Re: IH Parts America's 1971 Scout 800B

Originally Posted by roughing it View Post
great post so much great info. I plan on doing this lift to my 80 soon with the reversal upfront. Im torn on weather to do the CPT long travel front with the 80/800 rear pr just stick with the 80/800 kit. Pros/bemmifits to eather or any info on helping make that choice from some experance would help. . I drive my 80 basically stock everyday and I'm sick of bouncing down there road its not a Bronco lol.

The CPT long travel kit is more or less intended for offroad use with a Dana 44 axle. Yes the kit can be adapted to work with your stock Dana 27 or 30 front axle but for the type of driving you describe I would either stick with the stock style Scout 80/800 springs or install Scout II front springs. Personally for a daily driver I would go with Scout II springs for the front with our CPT reverse shackle kit.

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