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Originally Posted by tahoedonner View Post
thanks scooter,

I will definitley be needing some help once I start getting to the fun stuff. Right now I am dealing with all the issues of buying a non-running lawn ornament. I believe I might need to edit my original post of "deal of the century".

Oddly enough I think I was looking at your build on another site last night.

I can relate to that huge door stopping of a non-running lawn tractor. Kinda how I received my daily driven 74 about 7 years ago, but for free. The previous owner had no clue what he was doing. Long story being short - after doing a lot of work in stages, I finally had the opportunity to head up to the rubicon with it this last weekend. Except for carburation issues, my Scout handled awsome.

Only other place I May have posted any of my build up is over on a gaming forum. I keep meaning to post up a thread of my build up over here. Just been a tad bit busy lately to do so.
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