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Default Re: I-4 and SV Engine Non-Oiling Rocker Assembly

Originally Posted by scoutboy74 View Post
encouraging that you're getting lube to the top end now. Maybe you'll feel like buying a lotto ticket in a couple days. Fingers crossed.
Yes, the "boats" filled quite rapidly. But at the same time, before any dis assembly, I poured oil down onto the lifters and had my son crank the motor with the starter, the lifters seemed to pump up suggesting that they were not getting enough oil. But, I did find at least half of them were frozen when I disassembled individual lifters and cleaned them. So contradictory evidence.

By the way, is oil supposed to pass throughthe hole in the rocker arm by the pushrod and then dribble down the push rod? I careful to clean this hole and the groove in the rockers. Oiil was pouring out onto the exhaust manifold so I didn't run the drill very long.

In any event, oil pan off, asap
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