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Default Re: I-4 and SV Engine Non-Oiling Rocker Assembly

Originally Posted by scoutboy74 View Post
harry, I absolutely think you should cut to the chase and drop your oil pan. I hate to say it, but I think upon doing so you will find evidence of cam bearing de-lamination in the form of grey sludge similar to what is seen escaping from several of your rocker stand bolts, and quite likely also non-ferrous cam bearing kibble as well. Both your valve trains and top surfaces of your heads are grotesque. Your lifters surfaces look severely dished instead of perfectly smooth as they should be. I hate to be the voice of doom, but I've been down this road before. Of course, I'd be delighted if I was wrong, but I don't think I am.
I've been thinking of just that, one thing though, the gray stuff is nut coming out of the oil gallery, and it's only by the threads, yes there is one incriminating pic of one of the stands with the oil passage clogged with gray gunk but that not the stand at the oil passage. I had thought the gray gunk was never seize, it might have been an attemppt to seal the threads as some of the holes penetrate to the cylinder, right?

I will drop the pan though. Btw, I have cleaned all of the passenger lifters now, about have were frozen completely. They all had bottoms that look like the pics of the one above, no signs of unusual wear unless the even concavity is a problem all by itself...

So in the meantime, I spun up the oil pump again while my son slowly rotated the crank, got good oil flow out of the passenger side passage (no grayness also) this is the side with the rockers removed.

Next we switched to the driver's side, this picture is after I pumped some oil and let it drain, so I call it "before"

Name:  Driv_1_before.jpg
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I then spun the pump again and filled the boats

Name:  Driv_2_after.jpg
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Name:  Driv_3_after.jpg
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Name:  Driv_4_after.jpg
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After I cleaned all of the lifters (I did them one at a time to make sure to keep parts grouped and lifters in correct bores) and rocker parts, I assembled the rockers etc, to the shaft. I noticed some possibly excessive wear on the shaft

Name:  Pass_1_shaft.jpg
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Name:  Pass_2_shaft.jpg
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Name:  Pass_3_shaft.jpg
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So the big drama is what will I find in the oil pan? That has to wait a couple of days so stay tuned. Can the cam and bearings be replaced with the engine in the truck? I assume heads come off for this?
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