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Well, finally, after months of procrastination, lack of funds and time, last Friday, I got her insured, registered and was able to legally drive her out of storage and take her home. Furthest I ever drove this since I owned it. Long story.

Handle exactly how I expected. Like crap. Typical scout wandering, along with a P.O. piss poor job of an install of a crappie tilt steering column. I'm kicking myself in the butt for not replacing the column when I had a chance, along with doing the shackle reversal install when I still had a shop space with power. I already have the reversal kit on the shelf. And went against my better judgement of wanting to see how it handled before I did the install

Be about a month before any new updates. But future plans of reinstalling the front bumper with a possibility of a winch, along with a dual battery install. So stay tuned
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