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Default Scout Snow Wheeling Trip - Sat. Jan. 14 2017


it has been a couple of years since we organized a Scout snow wheeling trip, largely for lack of snow, but this year promises to be wet and cold. Any takers?

I suggest we hold the Scout trip on January 14, which is the same day that cal4wheel holds its winter fun fest. Hopefully, by planning our trip for the same day, there won't be as many folks where we go. (I went on the cal4wheel trip last year. It was fun, but too many people. They generally get special use permits from the usfs to go on roads that are closed.)

in the past we usually go up the mormon emigrant trail. I propose we do the same this year, unless someone has a better location. We'll leave early in the morning, meet up somewhere, drive up into the snow, cook some lunch, and then drive back home.

For those of you who May not have gone with us on any of the past trips, you don't need any real special equipment to go on this run. At the least, you will need functioning four wheel drive and good tires. You won't get past the gate with bald tires. Most of us will have at least one locker, but a few years ago rob took his 80 up with us. He slid around a bit, but did fine. I think he was open/open. I expect (hope?) everyone will have to air down though. If you end up getting stuck, that's part of what is supposed to happen. Vehicles other than scouts are welcome too.

Post up if interested so I can get a head count.
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