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Default Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition

Good clean livin' fellers. That's what the fwbeez is all about. I wuz all set tuh howl at the moon with jerry, but them other fwbeez wound up od'in on gerri-tall instead! After playin' hide-n-seek with a chupacabra fer awhile, I wuz plum tuckered out, so it wuz time tuh surf-ski my fully inflated kalifornia king size air mattress into my .5 man tent.
That wuz purdy slick how we glommed ontuh that purdy tierod. Jes a few junkerators and sum poached aygs wuz all it took tuh seal the deal. Ya gota wake up purdy early in tha mornin' tuh out trade jerry and the fwbeez!
Hope ya liked them fossil aygs mayben, cuz the rest of yer annual supply iz set fer speshul delivery this September!
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