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Default Re: Carter Thermoquad "Spreadbore" Stuff

Originally Posted by williamehardy View Post
been following intently the tq discussion - have one on my '74 p/u - new engine (not yet fired - am trying to work out all the finer points beforehand & now am moving cross-country!!)
I cannot seem to find a choke stove anywhere, however - mine was destroyed by po in converting to manual choke & searches have failed me - any suggestions???
I May have the only IH p/u in western ny - doesn't seem as though they were too popular there - I'll probably get a lot of strange looks onse it's up & running again!!!
Welcome to ihon william! We do have other customer/members in your area by the way, but I believe all are Scout and Scout II enthusiasts!

Yes, the manual choke workaround is all too common on any of these old rigs. Why the hell folks don't fix stuff right is beyond me.

I don't think Jeff has any thing like you need at the hq location. Reason is...I rob everything like that when I'm in residence and bring it home for refurbishing, etc.

What I need to know you have anything left on the exhaust crossover of your intake manifold that was used for the divorced choke? Is the basic heatsink still mounted with the two flathead screws?

Does it appear that based upon the wiring harness on the passenger side of the engine that runs down the top of the intake manifold, did this truck have an "auxiliary-heated" choke stove?

Do you have the bi-metal choke stove thermostat and are just missing the link rod? Is the link rod actuator that is mounted on the carb still there and functional or was it butchered?

Even better, can you give me a nice medium-long pic of the area in question??

I most likely can fix ya up with what you need, but I'm gonna have to dig deep in the debris. So I need to know the big picture to make sure we get everything to make this choke functional.
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