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Default Re: Death Valley 'Tour'

Scout tour of death valley
March 20 – 23 2014

if you have been to the desert, join us for experienced company and knowledgeable exploring. If you have never tried desert four wheeling, join us. You will love it or hate it: there are no mild opinions on our desert.

Death valley in March is a land of extremes. Cold and frosty in the morning and after sundown; hot during the day. Dead calm or hang-on-tight winds blowing sand through your clothes. It can rain or even snow. The coloring of the stark landscape changes hourly. The plants and the critters are tenacious. The trails are rife with history and rocks.

Death valley is a harsh and dramatic landscape, filled with history and legend. The opportunity to step back in time is boundless as you retrace the epic story of survival in 1849. Standing in the vastness of the valley floor, it is easy to understand the despair those pioneers felt when confronting the absolutely inhospitable valley without a clue to its perils or obstacles.

The park has closed the extreme trails. We will have runs from blacktop to moderate. The runs can be long so carry enough fuel. Prepare your Scout. Check your equipment list. Carry spares.

No alcohol on trail runs and no firearms in the park. Campfires in pits or containers. Bring firewood. We will be camping but limited rv hook ups and a few motel rooms are available.

All IH 4x4 vehicles are welcome and, sure, bring your j**p, we need something to practice towing…

we will be out there out there from March 14 to March 23 as we spend the whole week out there.
The ‘official tour is March 20 – 23.
Panamint springs will be base camp March 20 - 23
rooms and camping sites May be booked up fast. You will want to lock down your room or camping spots in advance.

Panamint springs resort
ph# 775 482 7680
rooms 79 to 109 dollars a night.
Full hookups, 30 dollars a night.
Tent 7.50 dollars a night.

Post up if you are going and how many will be with you. Participant numbers are limited
doc stewart 650 245 1199 before 9 pm California time. Email:
Post up, post up, post up. We will need a head and rig count.

Death valley equipment check list
bring clothing for snow to hot weather.
Really good cookies for big john vogelsang and doc stewart
jalapeno cheese bread from schatt's bakery in bishop highly recommended!
Much of our wanderings will be in national park territory therefore no firearms.
Please note: no drivers under 18, no unlicensed drivers

mandatory safety equipment check list

seat belts for each passenger

one spare tie similar in size to your tires - no temp spares.
A second spare is a good thing.

Roll bar, cage, or factory hardtop

battery secured - no bungee cords

functional fire extinguisher
readily available to the driver

stout rope, chain or tow strap with no metal hooks

adequate attachment points front and rear:
receiver, tow hooks, 'd' rings

lug nut tool and jack capable of lifting truck
a one foot square hunk of plywood is great for jacking in sand

functional parking brake or microloc

functional exhaust – no gaping holes and no open headers

recommended equipment

first aid kit

c.b. Radio & antenna. Cell phones aren’t much good out there
ham radio is very welcome.

Water: one gallon per person per day
in the desert, more is better.
flashlight or lantern, spare batteries .

spare fuel in approved containers .

fires in containers only . bring firewood and container . old dryer drums work well . scouts west guys have a very neat collapsible fire gadget .

you are on your own . restaurants at panamint springs, furnace creek and stovepipe wells – tourist traps, all . and not necessarily nearby to most of our camping .
breakfasts in camp are frequently informal communal affairs with everybody pitching in .
I will do one stir fry evening meal.
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