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Default Invitation to the B.A.B.S. Holiday toy drive

NorCal Scouts are cordially invited to join b.a.b.s. For our 6th annual Christmas toy drive.
In the past few years we have collected a steadily increasing number of toys for local, under privileged children.
This year, in an attempt to take it to the next level, we are inviting several brother IH clubs to join us.
Here is a link to our forum posting with more details:

Thanks, we hope to see you there.

December 8th
at the '50s classic diner
39403 fremont blvd fremont, CA 94538
home page of classic diner - located in fremont, caclassic diner - classic 50's diner in fremont, CA
The '79 formerly known as "Ol' Rusty"
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